Since its creation, this Sports Events Department of BCD Travel has been especially present in the management of national and international trips of Federations, Clubs and Families of different sports teams and disciplines, its subsidiaries in other categories, as well as with teams from all around the world dedicated to the motor world like HRG in Formula 1 and ASPAR TEAM in the World Championship of Motorcycling.
Even the smallest detail comes into play in the performance of an athlete: efficient travel, catering care and adapted accommodation. With BCD Sports all aspects will be controlled so that your team achieves the best results
Below we show you the hotels in which the runners and companions of the Santa Pola Half Marathon will have the following privileges:
– 💵 Special price for runners and companions
– ☕ Special breakfast hours from 6:00 a.m.
– 🚿 Late check out so you can shower after the race and leave later the hotel